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  • Who is life coaching for?
    It's for anyone looking to find clarity, tackle internal obstacles that make one feel stuck in a particular area of life, or for anyone who simply wants to become the best version of themselves.
  • What can I expect in life coaching sessions?
    Every outcome is different for each person, however you can expect some of the following to take place: - Increased clarity in creating a vision of what you want based on who you truly are. - A journey of self discovery and growth in all aspects of your life - Personalised strategies and goal modification as per your needs - Existing thought patterns and behaviours will be challenged in order to get to root of the true self
  • If I am seeing a therapist, do I need a life coach?"
    Therapy is great for focusing on the past and specific long-term thoughts, moods and behaviors. Life coaches do use a bit of psychotherapy if needed, however, the main aim is future-orientated - to keep you accountable, overcome obstacles and help achieve your dreams. With this being said, there's no harm in getting additional supprort. Click here for more information
  • Do I have to do anything prior to my life coaching session?
    To get the best from me, you will need to have a certain level of commitment and a willingness to grow.
  • What happens in the 60 minute introductory life coaching session?
    This session is to determine whether we're a good fit to work together. You may have a powerful insight and choose to find your path by yourself, and we may not need to work together. I may also refer you with resources or even to another professional based on youe needs. We may also realise that working together is a great fit and in that case, I set a number of sessions for us to begin with. This session is at no cost.
  • When can I see results?
    I recommened beginning with a total of 10 sessions to see tremendous results, although in some cases transformation can be seen within the first session itself.
  • Who is music therapy for?
    Music therapy is for anyone wanting to use a different approach to healing and self discovery and learn unique tools to manage acute distress. I work with people of all ages, particularly with people who are dealing with severe distress and are looking to complement any ongoing treatment (like counselling, psychiatric medication, physiotherapy, pain management, neurological rehabilitation etc)
  • What can I expect in music therapy?
    The outcomes vary based on our goals, however you may expect to experience cathartic moments and insights that will help you come closer to your true self. You may also expect alleviation of distress, and take away music based techniques to use in your daily life.
  • Do I need prior knowledge in music?
    No prior training is required to work with me.
  • How long do sessions last?
    Both coaching as well as music therapy sessions typically last for 60 mins.
  • Is music therapy and sound healing the same?
    While I may use particular client preferred music, I do not follow traditional sound healing techniques. All my methods and interventions are evidence-based.
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