Foggy Waters


A deep space for transformation

What is Life Coaching?

This is where I invite you to take on a powerful and life-changing journey of self-discovery.  Every outcome is different for each person, however, you can expect some of the following to take place:

  • Increased   clarity in creating a vision   of what you want based on who you truly are. 

  • A journey of  self-discovery and growth  in all aspects of your life

  •  Personalized strategies  and goal modification as per your needs

  •  Reframing existing thought patterns that are blocking your progress

Life Coaching VS Therapy

Therapy is a long-term process to resolve problematic beliefs and deep inner issues. We may touch on upon some of those, but as a life coach, I'm more interested in your future and how you want to get there. The process is more short-term and action orientated.

Consulting VS Life Coaching

A consultant may give you advice based on their experience with a particular problem (e.g. financial consultant/strategy consultant, whereas in life coaching, I believe you are the expert of your own life and I will open up space for you to uncover your true potential, so you can overcome obstacles and discover your path to success.

This is a 30-minute no-commitment session to determine whether we're a good fit, before investing in each other.